Google’s New Deal to Publishers: Digitize or Not

Google’s New Deal to Publishers: Digitize or Not

After 7 years of proceedings, book publishers and Google said that they had reached an agreement that allows publishers to select whether or not to digitize their journals or books by Google.

It is a small step towards the company’s goal to digitize every journal, making them searchable and readable on Google’s online library project; however, it failed to resolve the much bigger matter locating in litigation way between authors and Google. The new deal will not make any changes in the way that publishers and Google already associate, but is the newest term for defining the copyright issue in the growing online market. The latest signpost is the proof of the shift from print to e-books and company’s efforts to try to win the battle against other online e-book providers, mainly Amazon.

Digital books were a daunting aspect when journals first litigated Google back in 2005, but today, they both are standing in the commonplace. Both companies had the court case proceedings for almost 7 years, and basically the journals have all moved on. Before, publishers had issues with digitalizing, but they are selling digitally now.

Thursday’s new deal between Association of American Publishers and Google was supposed to be end last year itself. The publishers engaged in the agreement include Pearson Education, Simon & Schuster, McGraw-Hill Companies, John Wiley & Sons, and Penguin Group.

The agreement clearly says publishers to choose Google to digitize their out-of-print publications that are available under copyright security. If they allow Google, then they will be getting a digital copy that can be sold on their websites.

Google allows consumers to read about 20% of the digitalized book and rest can be read, purchasing the book from their Play Store. Moreover, it shares takings with the publishers.

The agreement doesn’t disclose the added financial conditions, but publishers haven’t asked for any economic damages. Google allows publishers to sell digitalized books and they too get the benefit of digitalizing out-of-print books by Google, otherwise, they might not have carved into electronic books. Google can also enlarge the library of such books that it sells to clients.

The exciting new thing about the settlement is that Google will get the access to publish those copyright, out of prints. It is great news for customers who were not able to purchase them before. The agreement doesn’t talk much on the question of the legal actions between publishers and Google. It allows both sides to approve or disapprove, giving publishers the right to digitalize or keep their books themselves out of Google’s coverage area.


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