Men’s Fragrance is Booming in Chinese Market

Men’s Fragrance is Booming in Chinese Market

While the men’s global fragrances and perfume market remains strong determined by famous associations and celeb endorsement with success, until recently, opinions have stayed secure in China correlating perfumes as a female-only sector. Conversely, the research from Mintel, on fragrance and perfume in Chinese market, says that opinions are already started to change and men’s perfume market in China is making a big splash, proving 20 percent growth in last 3 years.

The assets of the men’s perfume market set at RMB 689million last year, which is up by 20 percent from 2008. When comparing it with the women’s category that is standing at 10 percent, showing that there is enough room for improvement in sales. Mintel’s case study also illustrates that an increasing number of men are starting to shift toward premium perfume treatment. Prestige sales rose by 19%, summing up to total of  RMB 422 million by the end of last year, while the mass perfume annual growth rate in 2011 stood at just 6%.

Mintel research analyst, Lui Meng Chow said the perfume has always kept a step ahead among female consumers, but now male consumers too are focusing towards fragrances, thanking Korean and Japanese TV ads and new fashion style from other nations shaping Chinese men’s view of personal grooming. Majority of youngsters are shifting their focus from conservative traditions to modern looks and they have been amazed with the new thoughts and concepts that endorse individual expression. All these prompted makers to release male-specific items, including toiletries, regardless of whether they were formerly addressed with being a woman’s brand.

Chinese males are now entering into skin care and beauty product segment; the trend is growing into luxury and prestige products and brands, from aftershave to toilette. Men are now conscious about buying items with credible quality, be in electronics or beauty care. Hence, many manufacturers are investing more in grooming products.

The overall perfume market in China rose 32 percent in assets from RMB 3.2 to 4.2 billion in last 3 years. According to leading media intelligence, Mintel’s investigation, a majority of the urban customers in China consume perfumes to become more well-groomed, stylish, and attractive. As retail stores have also developed in many numbers, the stores where people can buy perfumes have diversified.  Nearly half of the Chinese shoppers buy fragrances and colognes from specialist aroma shops, while others purchase at department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, or online.

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