Pros and Cons when you deal with Letting Agents for your rental home

Pros and Cons when you deal with Letting Agents for your rental home

Pros and Cons of Renting Your House with the Help of Letting Agents

Are you seeking help from the local letting agent for your new rental bookings? Or are you using a property management firm for taking care of your holiday home? Your decision does depend on your interest towards home rentals. Few property management firms do provide complete management services that include cleaning, maintenance and rental booking generation. It is very much ideal for the ones who want to play a minimal role in the entire process


Marketing Power and Advertising

Marketing experience of agent’s will certainly help you in minimising the rental voids when you want to let your house. If your house is vacant for a month or two, then it might cost you more than the letting agent’s fee. They do have the ability of advertising properties through many mediums like social media and other forms of media.

Few property advertising web portals do not allow landlords for advertising. It is again necessary to make use of letting agent for tapping those markets.

Achieve finest rental price and get rental guarantees

Usually, agents with good experience will have very good idea of the prices of a local area and are capable of pricing the property in the best way possible. These agents work on commission and you have high chances of getting the best rental price.

Tenant references, Issues, and Checks

Letting agents do carry the references and tenant checks on your behalf. So you should give your property to the right letting agents who have very good references. Letting agents do carry regular inspections on the property and they also make sure that tenants are taking enough house care. If there are property related issues, all the queries from tenants are directed to agents.






Letting agents do charge you for the service, however the charges will vary from person to person. Their fee vary and are at 2 service levels. Full management and let only. If you choose let only, then you can pay a percentage of the rental income to these agents. If you choose full management, then estate agents charge a bigger percentage of the rental income. Paying a sizebale percentage of every month’s income is little difficult for many house owners.

Expensive conservation

Real estate agents do have their own contact lists and they use the contacts for repairs of properties and their maintenance work. It is pretty important for you to discuss with the maintenance people and get the work done. There are many horror stories related to letting agents, since they charge big even for smaller jobs, as their contacts are priced heavily.

Can they perform the Job properly?

In most of the cases, the letting agents don’t actually do anything that can’t be easily done by yourself. You can use several e-commerce websites for advertising your property. You can also check out some popular real estate forums to post your house. These websites may charge you very little compared to the real estate letting agents. When it comes to maintenance and repaying works, little research on Internet might help you in a better way.

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