Top Five Advantages for Using an Online Estate Agent

Top Five Advantages for Using an Online Estate Agent

Five Advantages in Hiring an Online Real Estate Agent and How They Work

There is a new breed of helping hands in real estate today. People are finding a cheaper alternative to the traditional real estate agents. There are many who have started using Internet to find the properties and their prices themselves. People are looking into websites to purchase their dream house. It is the biggest reason that property owners are able to find latent buyers successfully when they use services of online real estate agents, whether they are purchasing or selling their homes or any kind of other properties. Many of them have relished the assistances of online real estate agents when they want to retail their house through online agents. The fees is normally minimal and people also end up selling houses quickly compared to how they do so with traditional property sellers.

Online real estate agencies also help sellers in finding property buyer in the most convenient way. You need to take deeper look into the advantages of hiring an online estate agent.  Here are the 5 advantages of hiring an online real estate agent:

Low Fees

Usually the traditional agents charge more as their work is labor intensive. All these costs are passed on to vendor with fees that ranges from 1.5 percent to 2 percent for selling the property. However, online agents are available with low cost operations and they also pass considerable savings to the customers.  In many of the cases this results in saving you thousands of pounds.

Internet Coverage

In the recent surveys, it is proved that almost 90 percent of the buyers find properties over Internet. Online real estate agents do offer finest Internet coverage and they list your property on all the chief property web portals along with important social media websites.

Usually traditional estate agents focus completely on local area marketing and they ignore main online sources very often.

UK Coverage

Online real estate agents are able to market the property across UK and they are not limited to their office location.

Latest Technology

With the help of software packages and latest technology online real estate agents are today capable of streamlining their services.

Many of the online agents provide you a website of vendor’s area, which again allows you to log in and view the property statistics as well as review all the property facts.


Using an online real estate agent you will be having more control and flexibility over property marketing. You are allowed to choose the retailing price, and select the photographs displayed and you can also post the property description.

How do they work?

Usually online real estate agents work with the advertisements. They post the properties on all web portals that give them maximum exposure.   If the online estate agent receives instructions from house vendor for selling a property, they start advertising the property on major websites across UK. They do take calls and pre-qualify potential purchasers. They contact the vendor and arrange a meeting and start answering their queries.

They receive the feedback from buyers and pass on the details concerned to the property.

Online agents manage the complete process regarding the property offers and provide info on mortgage applications, advising purchasers, dealing with solicitors, and everything else involved in complete purchasing cycle.

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